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Asian Para Games: PM Modi Congratulates India For Historic Performance And Bringing Home More Than 100 Medals

India had sent 313 athletes at the Hangzhou Para Asian Games, the biggest contingent for any edition of these games, with 51 Tokyo Paralympians in the team

Written By: , Press Trust Of India | Edited By: | November 10, 2023 हिन्दी में पढ़े

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated the Indian contingent for their performance in the Asian Para Games in which they crossed the 100-level mark and made history. The medal count for India reads 29 gold, 31 silver and 51 bronze, their best-ever tally at the Games.

India had sent 313 athletes at the Hangzhou Asian Para Games, the biggest in any edition, with 51 Tokyo Paralympians in the team. The country competed in 17 out of 22 sports, fielding athletes for the first time in rowing, canoeing, lawn bowl, Taekwondo and blind football.

India’s success at the games was appreciated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi who said these triumphs would be an inspiration for the world. Posting on X, he said, “100 medals at the Asian Para Games! A moment of unparalleled joy. This success is a result of the sheer talent, hard work, and determination of our athletes. This remarkable milestone fills our hearts with immense pride. I extend my deepest appreciation and gratitude to our incredible athletes, coaches and the entire support system working with them. These triumphs inspire us all. They serve as a reminder that nothing is impossible for our youth.”

He also added, “India’s extraordinary performance at the Asian Para Games has left the nation thrilled! I congratulate our remarkable athletes for bringing home a record-breaking 111 medals. This achievement is a testament to the unwavering dedication and indomitable spirit of our athletes.”

In November, PM Modi also interacted and addressed India’s Asian Para Games contingent at Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium, in New Delhi where he congratulated the athletes for their outstanding achievement and motivated them for future competitions.

Addressing the para-athletes, the Prime Minister said that he always looks forward to meeting them and sharing their experiences. He added,

You bring along new hopes and renewed enthusiasm.

PM Modi also underlined that he was not only following the developments at the Asian Para Games very closely but also living through it. He lauded the Para Athletes’ contributions and also congratulated their coaches and their families. Expressing gratitude on behalf of 140 crore citizens of the country, PM Modi further added,

Your success inspires the entire nation and also instills a feeling of pride among the citizens. These 111 medals are not just numbers but 140 crore dreams.

PM Modi further informed that the number is three times the number of medals won in 2014 while the number of gold medals is ten times more and India moved from 15th place in medal tally to top 5.

Recognising the special nature of Para Games, the Prime Minister said that a sports victory by a divyang is not a matter of inspiration in sports only, but it is a matter of inspiration in life itself. He added,

“Your performance can re-energies any person howsoever deep in the grip of despondency.”

He mentioned that 4-5 crores are being spent on various athletes today and the Government’s approach today is athlete-centric, further underlining that the focus is on removing obstacles and creating new opportunities for them he added,

“Potential plus Platform is equal to Performance. Performance gets a boost when potential finds the needed platform.

The Prime Minister concluded by reiterating the power of resolve. He said that as a nation we don’t stop at any milestone and rest on our laurels. He signed off by saying,

“We have reached among the top 5 economies; I emphatically say that we will be among the top 3 economies within this decade and in 2047 this nation will become Viksit Bharat.”

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