He is India's first blade runner, Asia’s first disabled solo skydiver and pilot
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Flying High: Major D.P Singh’s Leap Of Faith Sparks A Revolution For Disability Rights

Major DP Singh lost a limb while serving on the frontlines during the Kargil War. But he rose from the challenges and helped other people with disabilities to achieve the same

Written By: | Edited By: | April 29, 2024

New Delhi: “It is very easy to quit. I, however, like to try even if I fail,” says Kargil War veteran, Major D.P Singh. Major Singh is not your regular man, injured and defeated in life. and quit in life. He was declared dead in the Kargil War. Few years later, he was being celebrated as Asia’s first disabled solo skydiver and pilot! Major Singh made sure that his life turned out good. However, the journey was definitely a challenging one. Talking about it, he says,

At one point, I was confined to the bed. But I knew I needed to get back up. The emotional turmoil was not easy.

It took ten years for him to run again. He started slow and steady as he got used to the prosthetic leg and went on to win three marathons.

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With his achievements came the thought of making it possible for other people with disabilities. And thus was born The Challenging Ones, a support group for people.

Individuals with disabilities have access to a range of vocational online training programs. Additionally, they receive counseling, along with their families, to support them in their journey. The overarching goal is to inspire war amputees to engage in sports and adventurous activities, to boost their self-confidence and morale.

The initiative taken by Major Singh showcases the profound impact one person can have, hinting a potential to bring a societal change if more people are of the similar progressive mindset.

Talking about the progress made in India to make an inclusive society for people with disabilities, Major Singh said,

A lot of changes have happened in the last decade. Public has started accepting people with disabilities as anybody else and this has been possible because of the actions of people like me. Even the government has made efforts to work at grassroot levels, especially in the sports area. Because of the sports impact, the mindset about PwDs is changing.

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